The power of healing yourself is inside you.

Through a combination of different spiritual modalities, I empower and guide you toward reconnecting to your true-self & authentic wisdom.


Breathwork is a transformative healing practice that serves as a gateway to our authentic selves and inner wisdom and reminds us of our truth and connects us with our pure essence and power!

By harnessing the power of the breath, we activate our cellular memory, allowing us to create new pathways

It is the pathway to ourselves and to our inner knowing, Through Breathwork, I guide you to reconnect with your inner healer, to release repressed traumatic memories, pain, anger, shame, guilt, suffering allowing you to create a space for new energy flow.

It is a sacred ancient genuine calling!

Retreats, Trainings and Courses

AtmaBreath offers transformational healing trainings, courses and retreats in diverse locations spanning – Europe, Asia, the Middle East etc.  Our offerings cover various needs from restorative wellness to deep healing work.

Our programs are ideal for are perfect both for new soul seekers, and experienced practitioners, who are ready to shed unknown layers for your self-discovery journey, under the safe guidance of your compassionate teachers and learn techniques for self-healing and also helping others.

Join us as we embark on a journey of personal growth and transformation, guided by experienced mentors and a supportive community.  (You can also find us ) ‘

Trauma INFORMed practices

Our body keeps the score and if unresolved trauma, stored in the cells, is unhealed, it will increase the risk for mental and physical illness. 

Through different spiritual modalities, I will guide you to go to the non-ordinary state of consciousness (altered state of mind), to touch deep wounds, and unresolved traumas. Together, we will bring these experiences to the surface, allowing you to relive, release, and rewrite the narratives associated with them.

In our teacher training programs, we collaborate with trauma healers, medical, and clinical specialists dedicated to trauma healing.

Reiki and chakra healing

Having practiced Reiki since 2015 and attained the level of Reiki Master, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the remarkable healing potential that lies within our hands.

Once I have been told by my client “There are so many emotions in your hand”. Indeed, there are, in my hands, in your hands. There’s healing power in our hands, thoughts, gestures, intentions and prayers. We all are healers!

In both in-person and distance Reiki sessions, I work to balance your chakras and promote holistic well-being throughout your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Yoga and Meditation

As a certified Yoga teacher (YA) with years of experience since 2015, I’m dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey towards greater awareness and connection.

Kristine’s Ritual Yoga offers a series of in-depth practices to help you reconnect with your full potential.

In these practices, we set our class intention and dedicate the merit. This is an invitation to apply what we learn on the mat to our lives.

In my meditation classes, I create a nurturing and supportive environment where participants can explore various techniques to cultivate inner peace and mindfulness. 


Embrace a new chapter of your life that begins the day you accept yourself the way you are, a new chapter where you break the circle of self-criticism and shame.

My consultation sessions, that we can call also as spiritual counseling, are designed to deal with emotional issues, identify goals and potential solutions to problems.


Through a combination of different spiritual modalities, I empower and guide you toward reconnecting to your true-self & authentic wisdom.

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